Instrumentation Valves - Misc. Products

Ball Valves

One Piece Ball Valve (SBV120)
Two Piece Ball Valve (SBV210)
Three Piece Ball Valve (SBVH360)
Forged Ball Valve (SBVF360)
Trunnion Ball Valve (SBT)
Swing Out Ball Valve (SWB320)
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Check Valves

Adjustable Check Valve (SACV)
High Pressure Check Valve (SHCV)
One-Piece Check Valve (SOCV)
One-Piece Adj. Check Valve (SOACV)
Check Valve (SPCV)
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Needle Valves

Bar Stock Needle Valve (SBNV)
HP Bar Stock Needle Valve (SHBN)
Integral Bonnet Needle Valve (SINV)
Rising Plug Valve (SRPV)
Union Bonnet Needle Valve (SUNV)
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Misc. Valves and Products

Bleed and Purge Valves
Block and Bleed Valves
Gauge Valves (SGBV)
Excess Flow Valves (SEFV)
Plug Valves (SPV)
Relief Valves (SRV)
Toggle Valves (STV)
Manifold Valves
Quick Connects
Dielectric Fittings (SDE)
Micron Inline Filter (SIF)
Micron Tee Filter (STF)
Ultra High Purity Diaphragm Valves
Ultra High Purity Regulators
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